Pentel FP10-A FUDE Brush Pen Cartridge (12packs) - Black Ink

Pentel FP10-A FUDE Brush Pen Cartridge (12packs) - Black Ink

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Product Information
Brand: Pentel
Model: FP10-A
Color: Black Ink
Category: Refill for Pens
SKU: 7787
Manufacturer: Pentel Co., Ltd.
Part Number: FP10-AO
EAN: 4902506043627
Condition: New

What’s in the Box?
12X Pentel FP10-A Brush Pen Cartridges (4 refills per pack) - Black Ink

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How to replace cartridge?
A: Remove cap and unscrew barrel. Firmly press the narrow end of cartridge into tip unit. Replace barrel and tighten securely. Hold pen vertically with tip down until ink drains down to bristles and then make test strokes to get ink flowing.

Q: Does it work in a low pressure environment?
A: Please note that ink flow may be affected by extreme temperature or/and air pressure changes.

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